What is a Jalousie Windows?

Jan 19th

A jalousie windows is usually described as a louvered window. Consists of horizontal panels on a metal frame. The panels are opened and closed simultaneously by turning a handle. These windows are available in a variety of materials including, among others, glass, aluminum, wood and Plexiglas.

Jalousie windows for kitchen
Jalousie windows for kitchen


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Unlike traditional windows that open from the bottom, this design allows you to open the entire window, increasing the circulation of air in the atmosphere. This feature not only makes the home cooler but also helps disperse odors from the kitchen. The design offers privacy by reducing steam. Individual panel’s jalousie windows can be replaced easily. If a single glass breaks, it is not necessary to replace the entire window.


Overlapping panels design makes it difficult to seal the window. These voids allow heat loss, which makes a questionable choice for areas with cooler climates. Modern technology has improved this problem, but can be a factor to consider when choosing a window to place at home. Ironically, one of the advantages of the jalousie windows can also be considered a drawback. The simplicity of removing individual panels may pose a risk to security; an intruder may remove the panels from the outside, allowing access to the interior.

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