Uniqueness of Door Knocker

Nov 4th

Uniqueness of door knocker - what you imagine when they hear “door knocker”. you must have in mind that there is a creepy old castle. or old house. yeah right. door knocker is synonymous with the old-fashioned or vintage. usually mounted on the door knocker door woody. whether the door knocker is still used in today? maybe some countries are still using it. however, in this modern era of door knocker is not efficient anymore. because his role has been replaced with an electric bell is more practical and modern.

stylish Door Knocker
stylish Door Knocker

If you love collecting unique items and rare items, you can collect door knocker. or you want the door to look more classic and old-fashioned? you can install a door knocker on the door of your house. adjust the model and shape. I suggest, if you install a door knocker should choose wood as the material of your door. to make it look more perfect than the concept that you specify. you can choose the shape of a lion’s head door knocker or a dragon. or you can look for the model and design of door knocker other over the internet.

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