Type to Accordion Doors

Aug 12th

As the name suggests, the accordion doors are made ​​from narrow vertical panels which are folded like an accordion bellows, which allows the door closes and opens. The benefit of these doors is that they work well in places where a conventional door would be too wide or too narrow; for example, in the entry of a closet or laundry room. In these cases, many people do not favor the appearance of accordion doors and prefer a more contemporary and aesthetically pleasing alternative.

accordion doors amazone
accordion doors amazone
  1. Recessed Doors

Recessed accordion doors are effective in hallways or small rooms where there is not enough space for a hinged door. This slide directly into the adjacent wall of the door frame, so that create more space to move in and out of the room or hall, on both sides. Recessed doors are useful for toilets or places where privacy is paramount. Such plans when building door frames of the house, because installing one in an existing wall is not possible.

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  1. Double door

The double doors operate similarly to the accordion doors, vertical stripes that bend when the door opens. The difference, however, is that this type of door has much wider, in general, two or three stripes door.