Options for Replacement of Type Bulkhead Doors

Oct 26th

Options for replacement of type bulkhead doors are doors sloping basements are used outside many homes. Hidden stairs that go from ground level to the base of the foundation. The old bulkhead type doors exposed to the weather so usually need to be repaired or replaced with new or totally different system access.

bulkhead doors
bulkhead doors

New bulkhead doors

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The most direct way to replace old doors is similar bulkhead doors that take advantage of modern construction techniques. A metal door with layers of weatherproof sealant is made ​​in many colors and last for countless years. An alternative is to rescue old wood or metal doors and turn them into external bulkhead doors, adding new metal hinges.

Open stairs and ladder

Some basements are accessed by stairs with door open only at the bottom, in the basement wall. Such doors provide only an insulation layer to the basement, but eliminate the need for bulkhead doors. If doors bulkhead just to satisfy the graduation requirements of the building code, and then a narrow staircase with an escape ladder you can meet the code in less space doors bulkhead sloping several feet extend from the foundation of the house.

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