Japanese Sliding Doors Ideas

Nov 30th

Japanese sliding doors are craft product that requires many years of development and hard knowledge of woodworking techniques. However, you can build a basic sliding door shoji style using rice paper designs and custom geometric wooden pieces precisely cut.

Great Japanese Sliding Doors with Wooden Floor
Great Japanese Sliding Doors with Wooden Floor


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To build Japanese sliding doors, you need rice paper, rice glue and light wood to act as the framework in which the role and how to put design additional decorative geometric. Recommended woods include linden, Nootka cypress, redwood, walnut, oak, pine and cherry. For the sliding door, you’ll need a rail and material for installation, including the rollers.


Measure the space where you want to place before the start of construction. Decide how you want the Japanese sliding doors before they are built. If you want the door to slide inside the wall, you should make sure you have extra space to make the hole.


To make the slide starts to build the frame of wood. For aesthetic effect, the wood pieces cut from the same thickness and the same fine finish. Having built the frame, start adding elements supporting the structure. The brackets are mainly used to fix the segments of rice paper to the structure.

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