How to Make Bamboo Fencing

Jan 14th

Bamboo fencing can bring Eastern appearance to your backyard. Bamboo is durable and weatherproof; color and natural texture complement almost any landscape.

Modern Bamboo Fencing
Modern Bamboo Fencing


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  1. Dig holes that measure 1 foot (0.3 meters) deep and a minimum of 4 feet (1.21 meters) away, using a post whole digger or swords.
  2. Bamboo fencing poles inserted into the holes. Use a string to ensure the caps are level. Compress post holes after filling.
  3. Mark the inside of the poles at intervals of 6, 12 and 24 inches (15, 30 and 61 inches) from the top.
  4. Attach your jig saw to a drill and drill holes. When the bit is in the whole energy increases slowly and makes a full hole through the post.
  5. Hammers poles about 24 inches (60 cm) below and along the ground to secure them. With each post on the rod pushing down firmly until the Reba through the diaphragm remains bamboo fencing.
  6. Walking straight stems for cross tabs to match the internal dimensions of the panels of bamboo fence. One inch (2.54 cm) should be allowed for additional bamboo which is inserted in the pole of ½ inch (1.27 cm).
  7. Insert the crossbars. When they are placed straight turns each way. Stick it to the post with a long enough nail to penetrate the post.