How to Install Window Treatments Transom Windows

Jan 15th

Transom windows are composed of a long, narrow window on a low more traditional. These are sometimes used for allowing passage of light and air, while the lower windows are closed and covered by privacy.

Trendy Transom Windows
Trendy Transom Windows


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  1. Place the shutters according to the manufacturer’s instructions in the bottom window which can be closed separately from the main curtain covering the lower transom windows and the crossbar.
  2. Install a curtain rod on the wall. Be sure to place the right leg by installing one of the supports, then holding the other in place and placing the bar on both. Place a level on the bar to make sure the second support is even with the first. The bar should be 12 inches (30 cm) longer than the window, leaving 6 inches (15 cm) on each side to open the curtains from the bar anytime let in light.
  3. Hang curtains that are long enough to reach from the bar to the floor. These transom windows coverings are on the lower window and over the crossbar. When the curtain is open, the lower window can be covered by the shutters for privacy, while light penetrating through the cross over above. Spend the clips along the bar and hang it in the brackets.