Fill the Gaps of the Basement Window Wells

Jan 12th

There are several different types of coverings window wells available at most home stores and garden, but these may not be the best option. On the one hand, the options are usually limited and covers can be expensive, reaching up to several hundred dollars depending on its configuration. But if you have the materials and the right tools, you can take the low-cost options and build your own.

Integrated window wells
Integrated window wells


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First, you need to consider why you want to cover the window openings. If this is why you need to fill a gap, then you’ll want to make or buy a similar protection to these. You may be concerned that children from accidentally falling into the window wells or remain trapped inside them, which can lead to a design cover completely different window, you can adapt.

Materials and structure

Based on your needs, you have a number of choices of materials window wells. The best window covering you can do is Plexiglas or similar material, as long as you have the tools to cut it. Consider these waterproofing decks require both an upper section and a section covering the base and attach to it, usually with rubberized edges, which act as seals.