Faux Window Frosting

Jan 9th

The window frosting glass panels are the result of acid etching or sandblasting that obstructs the view through the glass while still allowing light to pass through it. This creates an element of effective privacy for windows bathroom, closet or sliding glass doors, among others.

Window Frosting 2014
Window Frosting 2014


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  1. Buying a film for grinding in store household items with the pattern you choose. These films are applied to the window frosting as an adhesive: sticking to the glass. These films allow you to easily select a desired pattern without having to create it yourself. Be careful when applying the film, since improper installation can lead to bubbles of air, which will ruin the effect.
  2. Spray the glass in the windows with a spray to grind. This spray is applied as a spray paint. Be sure to tape the edges of the glass panels with masking tape to prevent any accidents. Use a brush to apply brushstrokes, creating the desired pattern fabric.
  3. Pint glass panels directly to the wall acrylic enamel. This glaze is transparent when applied, but when dry is opaque. Although it is undoubtedly the most elaborate for a fake frosted effect the way window frosting, enamel gives you more freedom with the desired design because believe it by the strokes.
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