Clerestory Windows for Churches

Oct 18th

Clerestory windows – The truly amazing churches and cathedrals of Europe have left a massive array of architectural elements which are used today.  Although the interiors of modern churches have changed with improved construction techniques, architects are inspired by the great churches of the past, especially when it comes to windows. Perhaps the most significant architectural features of the classic churches, the clerestory windows had a profound symbolic interest besides being functional and beautiful.

tips Clerestory windows
tips Clerestory windows
  1. Window type rosettes

Rosettes are some of the windows of the most recognizable church. Originating in Roman temple architecture, rosettes reinterpret the “oculus”, or as a small window panel, which is used in temples old as the Pantheon. They are often very decorative ornamentation work with glass and elaborate tracery.

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  1. Window pentagram

The five-pointed windows are ornamental structures consisting of five arches arranged in a circular to resemble stylized flowers with five petals pattern. Usually they are made of transparent glass, though sometimes plain color glasses are used.

Historically appear in Catholic and Protestant churches alike, although the architecture of the modern church generally confined to Catholic structures. Its purpose is to provide light to the corridors, which are outside the range of light from the clerestory windows. Rarely, five-pointed shapes are incorporated in the design of rosette, usually with very ornamental tracery.

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